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Training Grants

Training grants are potentially available for businesses with multiple employees that need upgraded skills.  The expected result after training is that these employees will be eligible for increased wages and/or promotions.  Businesses that are expanding and need training for groups or shifts of new employees are also eligible.   The two grant programs that we work with are:


Job Skills Program Grants

The JSP grant funds half of the training costs; partner employers provide cash, an in-kind contribution, or a combination of both to fund the other half.  The investment made in employee wages and benefits as they participate in training is calculated as part of all of the company contribution.


Customized Training Program

Training costs are paid by the SBCTC from the revolving loan fund created specifically for this program.  The business repays 100% of the training costs, and with each repayment they may claim a state B&O Tax Credit equal to 50%.  Effectively, participating businesses receive 50% off the costs of customized workforce training. 


Please visit Training Grants in partnership with WVC  for more information.