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Photo Release/Testimonial


When shooting photographic or video images that are intended for promotional use by Wenatchee Valley College, releases must be obtained from people who will be recognizable and who are not employees of the college. Release forms are also necessary when publishing testimonial statements from students and other non-staff members when their names are being published. This policy applies to images and statements to be used in college promotional materials, such as printed publications, displays, video, and on the college’s websites.

By filling out a release form, a person authorizes the college to publish his or her likeness and testimonial statements in college promotional materials, expecting no compensation or gratuity of any kind from Wenatchee Valley College.

Official photo and testimonial release forms are obtained through the WVC Community Relations Department or on the WVC HR website. It is the responsibility of the department publishing images and testimonial statements to have the necessary releases on file.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 12/16/08, 11/5/19
Adopted by the board of trustees: 02/18/09, 11/20/19
Last reviewed: 10/9/19
Policy contact: Community Relations

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