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Deceased Student


Anyone hearing about the death of a current or former student should notify the assistant to the vice president of student services (VPSS). Notification can be a newspaper article, notification from an agency, law enforcement, etc. The assistant to the VPSS will determine if notification is valid.


If student is currently enrolled, the assistant to the VPSS will notify the following via email letter:

  1. Vice president of student services will be the point of contact for the family. The VPSS will send a letter (and/or call if appropriate) of condolences and give resources to family, with contact information for the registrar, financial aid director and counselors. The VPSS will determine if campus-wide notification is needed and determine if a media statement is needed after speaking with the family. The VPSS will work with the executive director of community relations. The VPSS will work with the college’s crisis recovery team lead to mobilize if needed. The VPSS will work with the residential life coordinator on alternative housing for displaced student(s), if any. The VPSS will work with the registrar on posthumous degree granting, if applicable.
  2. Financial aid will determine if student had loans and if loans need to be discharged. If so, the associate dean of student services will order a death certificate to send to lenders to discharge loans.
  3. Registrar will change address and phone number on admissions screen to the college’s address and phone number to prevent unsolicited mail and/or phone calls. The registrar will place DC unusual action code, with current year quarter (YRQ), or the next quarter if in between quarters, and enter information on the student quarterly comment screen (date of death, means of notification, student’s last known address). The same YRQ used on the student quarterly communication screen should be used on the unusual action screen. Information block will be activated, effectively “sealing” the student’s records. Access to student’s information shall be limited to the following: immediate family (parents, spouse/partner and children), law enforcement, executor of the student’s estate, attorney for student’s family. If student is enrolled, the registrar will withdraw the student from classes and/or work with instructors on posting grades.
  4. Administrative services will determine any refunds of financial aid or agency funding.
  5. International Student Adviser and VPSS will assist family of international student with coordination of shipping of student remains and personal belongings to home country.
  6. Current instructors.
  7. Counselors.
  8. Faculty adviser.
  9. Director of student programs.
  10. Director of education and career planning.
  11. Payroll.
  12. Residential life coordinator (if student was living on campus).
  13. Coaches (if student was an athlete).
  14. Director of CAMP/TRiO/other grant programs (if applicable).
  15. Crisis Recovery Team lead (if applicable)


If student is not currently enrolled, the assistant to the VPSS will notify the following:

  1. VPSS.
  2. Counselors.
  3. Financial aid.
  4. Registrar.
  5. Cashier.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 8/3/16
Presented to the board of trustees: 9/21/16
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Procedure contact: Student Services

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