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Personnel Records


The college shall be responsible for maintaining personnel files for its employees and for establishing appropriate regulations related to employee access and rights of employers and employees. The director of human resources shall be responsible for all personnel files and ensuring limitations of access to the personnel file by unauthorized persons.

Adopted by the board of trustees: 9/12/01
Last reviewed: 8/30/19
Policy contact: Human Resources

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Personnel files are maintained by the human resources office and are available for inspection by the employee at a pre-arranged appointment with the human resources staff during normal working hours.

  1. Personnel files may contain the following information:
    1. Application forms and resumes.
    2. Contracts and letters of assignment.
    3. Payroll information/documentation; leave without pay records.
    4. Insurance/retirement information.
    5. Transcripts, salary placement information, training verification.
    6. Performance evaluations that have been reviewed by the employee.
    7. Tenure review committee recommendations.
    8. Correspondence to or regarding the employee.
    9. Other documents in accordance with all negotiated agreements.
  2. Materials submitted to the human resource office for inclusion in a personnel file must be accompanied by a request signed by the initiator of the material.
  3. Derogatory and/or reprimand materials may be placed in the personnel file after being shown to the affected employee and after giving the affected employee opportunity to append to it answers to any charges, complaints, or statements involved in compliance with the all negotiated agreements.
  4. Materials in the personnel file may be used as justification for consideration for disciplinary action in compliance with all negotiated agreements.
  5. Records eligible for disposal according to Washington state general records retention schedules shall be purged and shredded without prior notification to the employee.

Supersedes 2.A.11
Revised: 3/25/02 and 4/27/07
Approved by the president’s cabinet: 8/1/07

Presented to the board of trustees: 10/17/07
Last reviewed: 9/16/19
Procedure contact: Human Resources

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