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Exempt Staff Definitions


Exempt employees: the term exempt employees shall mean individuals appointed by the college to positions which are exempt from civil service as outlined in RCW 41.06.070 and who are engaged in administration, professional services, or a combination of administration and instruction, requiring professional training and experience.

Administrative employees: an administrator is defined as any person employed by the college who performs administrative functions as fifty percent or more of their assignment, and who has the responsibilities to hire, dismiss, or discipline other employees. Administrative functions may include the responsibility and accountability for carrying out college policies relating to budget, planning, educational programs, student programs, and/or personnel.

Managerial/professional employees: other non-faculty employees who meet the definitions outlined in RCW 41.06.070 (2) (A), such as the administrative assistant to the president, principal assistants to academic or administrative divisions, program specialists and managers, and computer systems and network programmers, are exempt from civil service rules. The policies and procedures governing exempt employees apply to all managerial/professional employees.

Adopted by the board of trustees: 9/12/01
Approved by the board of trustees: 9/19/07
Last reviewed: 9/6/19
Policy contact: Human Resources

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