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Rental of College Facilities


Wenatchee Valley College is committed to providing quality educational and cultural services to the people of the college district. To that end, college facilities may be made available to organizations conducting educational, cultural, civic or community activities. Activities of a public educational, cultural or community service nature will be given priority for the use of college facilities. Exemptions to the rental fee may be authorized by the president or designee, if the exception is considered to be in the best interests of the college, its students or employees.

The college reserves the right to deny an application by any group, organization, or individual which discriminates in their membership or limits participation in a manner inconsistent with the college's non-discrimination policy.

College facilities may not be used for religious worship, exercise or instruction (Washington State Constitution, Article 1, Section 11). College facilities may not be used in ways which interfere with college teaching, research, public service, or support programs or interfere with the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

College facilities may be used for activities of a commercial nature or by commercial firms provided that the activity does not conflict with college functions and that charges are levied reflecting the full cost of the facility usage.

The college reserves the right to deny any application or to revoke an agreement at any time if: actions resulting from such application or permission constitute unlawful activity; if in the judgment of the administration, present imminent danger of unlawful activity exists; if a prospective user has previously violated the provisions or rules and regulations of the college; or if, in the judgment of the president or designee, the activities conflict with, directly compete with, or are incompatible with the programs or mission of the college.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 1/20/15
Adopted by the board of trustees: 5/10/00, 2/18/15
Last reviewed: 10/18/22
Policy contact: Administrative Services

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  1. College facilities are made available for outside agencies or individuals by scheduling through the room schedule coordinator on each campus with approval by the chief administrative officer. Student groups request facility use through the student programs office. Room reservations are made using the district room scheduling process, which will determine the most appropriate facility for the event. Facility users will comply with the WVC nondiscrimination and harassment policy (000.330). Any organization wishing to use college facilities on the college campus shall provide the following information:
    1. Name of sponsoring organization.
    2. Name of person in charge of arrangements.
    3. Number of participating individuals.
    4. Nature of proposed meeting.
    5. Desired dates and times.
    6. Type of facilities desired.
    7. Desired special optional equipment or arrangements.
    8. Proof of insurance if requested.
  2. If the appropriate facility is available, and the event is approved, a facility use agreement is prepared by the office of the chief administrative officer to be signed and returned by the user group representative. Requests for scheduling will normally not be confirmed more than two months in advance or beyond the end of the quarter in which a request is made. All applications shall be presented in time to allow consideration by the college board of trustees if needed.
  3. No publicity may be released until the college receives copy of the contract signed by the user and proof of insurance if requested. Publicity for all non-college sponsored events must include the name of the sponsoring organization. This publicity must not imply Wenatchee Valley College sponsorship.
  4. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on college premises or at college-related activities is prohibited except when pre-approved by the board of trustees or the president in accordance with state board for liquor control regulations.


The following fees and charges are applicable to all non-college use of college facilities:

  1. Rental fees include routine custodial services during normal working hours, unless the event includes food service, in which case a fee will be imposed. Any custodial/security/technical services required in addition to the routine service normally provided shall be paid by the user at current rates which may include overtime.
  2. Organizations using campus facilities after hours, on weekends, or on college holidays will be charged additional fees for custodial/security/technical services to reflect the additional staff hours required.
  3. The rental fee schedule is approved by the president’s cabinet and shall apply to all non-college groups. Exemption and/or reduction in fees are allowed under procedure 1600.525. The chief administrative officer has authority to set and negotiate rental and related service fees.
  4. The fiscal services office prepares and issues invoices for rental fees and any required guarantee or bond (see section E.1). All fees will be made payable to Wenatchee Valley College prior to the use of the facility.


  1. On the Wenatchee campus, users shall arrange food and beverage services in advance with the food services manager. Outside food service is not permitted without prior written approval from the food services manager.
  2. College-owned media equipment may be used on campus by any group using college facilities when arranged in advance. There will be fees for equipment use.
  3. Parking for events during normal operating hours may be available at additional cost.


  1. College officials have the right to terminate a contract immediately and without notice upon discovery of a violation of any term, condition or provision of this procedure.
  2. Contracts will be terminated immediately if, in the judgment of the college administration, imminent danger exists or unlawful activity is practiced by the using organization.


  1. The chief administrative officer may require that any user post an adequate bond, deposit or a certificate of insurance before any rental agreement is consummated.
  2. The amount of the insurance for liability and property damage is at the discretion of the chief administrative officer. Proof of coverage must be presented at least 14 days prior to the date of the event. The college may request it be named as an additional insured on such liability insurance policy or certificate.
  3. In consideration of the permission granted to the user of college facilities, the user releases the college and its agents, employees, or officers from all debts, claims, demands, damages, actions and causes of action whatsoever, which may occur as a result of the use of college facilities. The user further agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the district, college, and its agents, employees and officers from any claims, demands, actions, damages or causes of action directly or indirectly arising out of the use of the facilities or premises. Any group or individual applying for the use of a college facility accepts financial responsibility and liability. Application for college facility use constitutes acceptance by said group/individual of the responsibility stated above and willingness to comply with all rules and regulations regarding the use of college facilities.


The user organization is responsible and liable for any repairs or replacement occasioned or made necessary by negligence or misuse of the facility. Damage to college equipment, including stage, audio-visual, or lighting equipment, during and by reason of the occupancy of the premises by the user, shall be paid from the guarantee deposit. The balance, if any, shall be returned to the organization making the deposit. If the guarantee deposit is not sufficient to cover the damage, the group using the facilities will be billed for the difference.


  1. Cancellations for facility rentals should be made 7 days in advance. Notice of cancellation must be directed to the WVC events coordinator, telephone number 509.682.6780 and/or the administrative services office, 509-682-6514. Failure to cancel at least 7 days in advance may result in the forfeiture of rental fees.
  2. Cancellations for catering services are the responsibility of the applicant and must be made 7 days in advance to the WVC events coordinator and the WVC cafeteria or other provider according to their policies.
  3. Cancellations for audio/visual services are the responsibility of the applicant and must be made at least 7 days in advance. Notice of cancellations must be directed to the WVC events coordinator, telephone number 509.682.6780. Failure to cancel at least 7 days in advance may result in the forfeiture of rental fees.

Approved by the president’s cabinet 10/31/00, 1/20/15, 11/1/16
Presented to the board of trustees: 2/18/15, 11/30/16
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Procedure contact: Administrative Services

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